hate game
first usage: 10th of december 2023
meaning: the act of hating on someone
archetypal usage: "the hate game is insane"

love game is the same thing but with love

first usage: 16th of january 2024
comes from "frog + soyjack"; referring to the fog (2005)'s movie poster which resembles a soyjack. ahead of its time!
archetypal usage: welcome to my room this is my fogjack

related Emma quote "cant believe after the fogjacks (2005) they made titanicjacks, cant wait for new horror soyjacks to drop"

first usage: 30th of january 2024
portmanteau of yuppie + paradise; coming from "another day in paradise"; used ironically; a place full of yuppies / mildly rich people in a negative way
archetypal usage: another day in the yuppiedise

closely related to yuppie inferno

triangle hell
first usage: 10th of february 2024
comes from Emma's quote "were in a triangle hell of yuppies creation"; referring to triangles ubiquitous presence in geometry

first usage: 23th of february 2024
meaning: the power of divorce
comes from the movie 'The Keeping Hours' which is a really boring and bland blumhouse movie
archetypal use: 'me conjuring up children using diveorceomancy'

pawsome sauce
first usage: 30th of april 2024
meaning: awesome sauce but more emphasis; great

first usage: 1st of may 2024
meaning: senior urban professional; old / retired yuppies
archetypal usage: "the slurpies are gone at least"

first usage: 1st of may 2024
meaning: opposite of speedrun
archetypal usage: "internet slowrun any%"

these were made up by me and Emma, she's wonderful and really cool