maybe correlation does imply causation after all
first usage: 11th of january 2024

this gang ass shit (truly) is a joke
first usage: 17th of january 2024
meaning: used to express dissatisfaction with the situation at hand

socialist claptrap
first usage: 2nd of march, 2024; from the movie "mr harrigans phone"

absolutely terrifying. the circlejerk went too far. [blank] will never recover
first usage: 24th of april 2024
a quote from Emma

to serve overlords is my greatest pleasure
first usage: 27th of april 2024
"such a beatiful circlejerk phrase"

i will outlive you. quit speaking to me.
first usage: 04th of may 2024

goes easy; went ordinary; calm and relaxation;
antonyms of goes hard; went crazy; tension; circlejerk phrases

2024 june zabka specials !!!!!!!!!!

your final challenge:
the way this [blank] got me set up
the jig is [up/sideways/down/behind]
nah jigsaw youre tweaking! // ngl jigsaw i feel completely neutral about this
boypreggers. bingo.
fuck my stupid [] life // bless my smart [] life